Next Sunday: 9 December - Service at Dickens Heath School @ 10.30am
Dickens Heath Church

Discover truth and life together

It’s challenging to know what’s right and true.  And even when you think you know, does it make sense?

We’re people who have found something that does make sense.  The life and teachings of Jesus make sense of our lives and the world around us.  But it does not stop there.  At the root of Jesus’s teaching is a connection with a loving God who brought the whole universe into existence.  So there’s always more to discover.  We’re discovering truth and life together and are committed to helping others do the same.

Christmas 2018

Mercy Mission building project

We have been raising money to build a school in a tribal area in the mountains for Mercy Mission in India. The launch of the school should be happening very soon.

Kampala Medical Centre project

We are also raising money to help equip a new medical centre at the Kampala Children’s Centre in Uganda. We are hoping to raise enough to equip a laboratory which will also be a source of income for the centre in the future.

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